Monday, November 15, 2010

A Historical Pre-enactment of My next 52/250 and Friday Flash

Lost in Translation
By Tom Allman

We sailed, at dawn, to the last outpost of the Aztec Empire.  Intrepid explorers of the planet we.  I the Gastronome, eating my way across six continents and Fitzhume the cunning linguist, speaking in tongues.

We arrived just in time for second breakfast. I rubbed my belly and shouted for Count Chocula.  Presently they offered Fitzy and I, steaming and pink, a giant conch full of chunky and decadent chowder.

Nonplussed Fitzy attempted to teach the proud natives the vowels and consonants of other General Mills products.  The throng parted and up walked our missing European friend.  Oh fortunes favor, we turned and shouted in unison, “Frankenberry”!

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