Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Slightly Less Creepy Example of My Slice of Life Flash Fiction

The Friendly Confines
By Tom Allman Jr.

I got a postcard from myself yesterday,  postmarked from Twenty-Three years in the future.  On the front was a picture of New Wrigley Field……

My weary eyes fluttered open, I could see Joe Jr.  He’d hardly left my side in the last week.  My kith and kin had all come and gone, saying goodbye to a skeleton that used to be me. 

Joe Junior and I had butted heads after his mom had left.  I surprised him one day at college and took him to a Cubs game.  Two men, at the Friendly Confines, sharing a few beers and few laughs. 

“Remember Old Wrigley in May,” I rasped.  “Yeah Dad, I do,” his voice cracking.  “I’m taking the boys on Tuesday wanna go?” 
“Yeah I do Joe.”

The back of the postcard said, “Screw work, take Junior to a ball game.”

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